Neighborhood Lawyer Chantel Grant of GM Law Firm in Boca Raton, Florida Rescues Duck, Receives Duck’s Eternal Gratitude

2018-09-10 13:54:46

When most of us think of household pets, a few options come to mind: Dogs, cats, fish, even caged birds. But a free-range duck running around the house? For most of us, the idea of letting a duck into our home seems unlikely. For Chantel Grant, a Minnesota-based lawyer with the GM Law Firm, letting a duck into the family was second nature.

Last year, Chantel Grant and her husband were going about their lives as usual. She was working harder than ever at her firm, helping clients get out from under obscene charges from debt collection agencies. On the side, she had a rather unusual hobby. Since ducks tended to find their way into her backyard (and into her neighbor’s backyards,) Chantel started to make a habit of rescuing abandoned ducklings and rehoming them. She had never brought a duck to live with her full-time: The idea seemed way to chaotic. How do you train a duck to live with humans? Can a duck ever really be domesticated?

Then, she met Petunia, a lone egg abandoned by its family.

“We were watching this Muscovy duck that we have fed and known for 5 years, lay eggs in our bushes.” Wrote Chantel on Reddit, beneath a viral video she’d posted of Petunia. “One day, I came home from work and saw one single egg, alone, hatching without her family.”

While most of us might have wondered what could have happened to make the ducks abandon their sister, Chantel Grant a Boca Raton Lawyer at GM law Firm did more than wonder: She took action. She called the local Wildlife Care Center and asked what they could do to help Petunia. They came back with some disappointing news. Since Muscovy ducks aren’t native to Minnesota, the care center would have to euthanize the duckling. On hearing this, Chantel did the only thing she could do. She brought the duck into her home to stay. Now Petunia has a forever home equipped with a private room and a princess castle. One could say she lives like a queen, were it not for the fact that she also has to wear a diaper all the time.

“Petunia is just a joy to have around,” Grant told the viral animal website The Dodo. “When we are home, she has free rein of the house. She is a very good flyer and loves to fly around the house.”

In the first year of Petunia’s life, she’s fully become part of the Grant family, offering comfort and support to Chantel and her husband daily. Her favorite thing to do, apart from cuddling and running around the house, is taking long, luxurious baths in her own tub. But one of the best things about having Petunia around the house is the pure excitement with which she greets her rescue mom each day. Tail-wagging Petunia simply can’t contain the fact that she loves her mom and her new home, and the Grant family couldn’t be happier about it. Petunia has even found a way to contribute to the household financially, by laying eggs that are great for baking.

As for her relationship to the Grants' other pets, two Macaw parrots, Petunia is like a scoundrelly little sister to the other birds.

“She loves [them] and bites their tails and harasses them,” Chantel wrote on Reddit, “but they somehow still like her and tolerate her playful behavior which is strange because they hate all birds including each other.”

There’s no hate to be found in Petunia’s heart. At least, not since she found her forever home with the Grant family. We’re hoping Chantel, Petunia, and the rest of the family live happily ever after.

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