Rock Chain Global Conference of Blockchain Industry, Officially Started the Intelligent Era of Blockchain

2018-08-04 12:00:00

On August 1st, “ROCK CHAIN ​​Global Blockchain Industry Conference New York Station” officially kicked off. This conference consists of technology sharing, roundtable discussions and project roadshows, bringing together the top talents in blockchain industry from more than 10 countries, which includes the United States, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, etc. the CEO of Rock Chain also shared the latest experience in blockchain technology development to 1600 participants in this conference.

Rock Chain, based on the world’s leading blockchain technology, integrates with the global smart industry, and start from sports industry, linking some application scenarios such as finance, medical health, future sci-tech field to build a global win-win ecology circle of trillion-level smart industry chain, which will accelerate the realization of important scenes concerning the future development of human kind. Moreover, Rock Chain will build a great dream of “keeping the global healthy life with digital solutions”, and build a global health and intelligent ecosystem with unimpeded and high-speed economic flow, and it will truly unveil the prelude of the intelligent era of blockchain.

It is reported that the Rock Chain will be listed in the three major US exchanges in mid-August, and its main network will be officially launched in September this year. According to the prediction of the authoritative organization, the market value of Rock Chain has reached 1 billion US dollars. In the middle of this year, Rock Chain has received 30 million USD funds from 13 institutions, which come from the United States, Japan and South Korea.

During the conference, Adrian Chomski, CEO of Rock Chain, said: Blockchain will redefine human life, but the efficiency of current blockchain technology is not as high as people expected, and even many blockchain applications are difficult to land. However, Rock Chain’s unique blockchain technology perfectly solves this problem and builds a blockchain ecosystem that truly serves the users.

Rock Chain is a truly commercial blockchain system. It is different from many domestic blockchain projects, which are mostly based on Ethereum, Fabric and other open source platforms for simple application development. Rock Chain did a lot of refactoring work to the underlying blockchain technology, including the consensus algorithm of the protocol stack layer, the distributed ledger, and the deployment and execution architecture of the smart contracts, which makes the Rock Chain blockchain system have the advantages of ultra-large scale, ultra-low latency. ultra-high concurrency and ultra-high throughput.

According to the project party, Rock Chain uses the world’s most advanced blockchain technology as the underlying blockchain infrastructure, providing all the decentralized applications in Rock Chain ecosystem with distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and digital Identity management, blockchain message subscription, elastic computing, container management and many other resources. Rock Chain ecosystem application developers can quickly build new business models based on these resources, and quickly realize infinite value of wealth in application scenarios such as sports, health and future sci-tech fields.

At the end of the conference, Adrian Chomski, CEO of Rock Chain, said: In addition to continuously strengthening the technological leadership of Rock Chain, Rock Chain will develop more assets and new applications on the chain, fully expanding the ecological structure of Rock Chain and enriching the vitality of Rock Chain, it is believed that Rock Chain will surely become the basis for the development of new technologies and the release of intelligent applications in the future.


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